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14th December 2023: Get set to bluff your way through the festive hangover blues after new research reveals British workers are odds on to embarrass themselves this Christmas party season.

With silly season now in full swing, a survey from Grosvenor Casinos reveals 57 per cent of Brits admit to having embarrassed themselves at a work Christmas party.

It might also be time to dust off your poker face as the survey showed more than a quarter (26 per cent) of those who admitted facing a festive faux pas pretended it just didn’t happen.

Image: Jamie Nixon Poker Professional 

Topping the list of most embarrassing moments at a Christmas party was saying something you shouldn’t (18 per cent), followed by being sick in front of workmates (17 per cent) and telling someone what you really think of them (14 per cent). Being caught kissing a colleague (12 per cent) and having a wardrobe malfunction (11 per cent) also made the list.

Almost one in five women surveyed (19 per cent) said being sick in front of co-workers is the most embarrassing moment that could happen at a Christmas party, versus just over one in eight men surveyed (13 per cent).

To help British workers bluff their way out of tricky situations the morning after, Grosvenor Casinos’ poker pro, Jamie Nixon, has issued his top tips to keep a straight face and sleigh the next day after an embarrassing night on the town.

  1. Be confident – Stick to your guns and own it. There are no half measures when it comes to bluffing as people will easily see straight through it. You must be totally convincing to others and yourself – if you don’t believe it then no one else will believe it.
  2. Have logic behind it – In poker, if you randomly bluff someone and it doesn’t make sense why you’ve done it, then your opponent will figure it out. Similarly, if you try to say something to cover a faux pas but it’s a bit out of the blue and it wouldn’t realistically happen, people will see through it. To be convincing, you need some logic.
  3. Remember each step of the story – Often in poker you might have to bluff three or four times in a row. It’s vital to keep track. So, following a party faux pas, you need to make sure your story links together. What you’ve said the next day, and what you’ve said the following week, needs to add up.
  4. Live reads – So much of being able to read someone’s poker face is in their body language and behaviours. Don’t get caught out. Firstly, look them in the eye. If they can’t look at you, they’re likely lying. Another trick is to try and physically see your opponent’s pulse racing in their neck. A fast pulse means panic and therefore, bluffing. Keep calm to keep the heart rate down, and if you can’t, wear a scarf or a roll neck!
  5. Have an alibi – There’s not much team work in poker but you do have to help each other to learn, practise, and improve. But you only need to have a select few on your side. It’s important to share the stress and confide in someone that you trust, to act as an alibi.

The survey also found that some industries are more likely to be left red-faced the morning after the night before. People surveyed who work in the Arts are more likely to have had a festive fling at their work's Christmas bash (19 per cent), followed by the business / consulting sector (17 per cent).

When it comes to UK cities, and who could be making it on to the naughty list this year, Bristol came out on top as most likely to have a sneaky snog with a colleague with 18 per cent admitting to it, followed by Plymouth (13 per cent) and Sheffield (13 per cent).

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