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Newly Launched Website Leads the Way in Vulnerable Customer Support Training

In an ambitious stride towards enhancing support available for vulnerable customers, Helen Pettifer Training Ltd announces the launch of its new website.

The FCA Financial Lives survey indicates that around 47% of all customers have characteristics that could make them vulnerable. These customers are reliant on organisations to provide clear communications, fair value and relevant support. Intentions are good, yet it can be difficult to know how to adequately address the complexity of vulnerability.

For firms governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), this website is an asset. Along with the training and consultancy offered by Helen Pettifer Training Ltd, it can aid compliance with Consumer Duty.

This extensive resource hub provides informative guides, practical downloads, training resources and insightful articles. It is designed to provide a valuable online platform for organisations seeking to deepen their understanding and capabilities in addressing the needs of vulnerable customers.

Heading up the organisation is Helen Pettifer FRSA, a leading authority on vulnerable customer issues and training. Helen’s dedication to advocating for the rights and needs of vulnerable customers is the cornerstone of the organisation. She is committed to setting new service standards and helping employees to feel confident when it comes to supporting customers who may be or are vulnerable.

As a BSI Associate for BS ISO 22458 (Consumer Vulnerability), Helen recognises the need to properly equip all frontline employees. The website resource hub is one step in providing what they need to confidently identify and respond to vulnerability.

“Our new website is not just about the business; it's a commitment to transformative change,” says Helen Pettifer. “We firmly believe that by equipping organisations with knowledge and practical tools, we can collectively create a more inclusive and supportive environment for vulnerable customers. I am delighted to offer new material and free downloads on the website. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering a society where vulnerability is acknowledged and addressed with empathy and expertise.”

Helen Pettifer Training Ltd wants to make it clear that improving vulnerable customer service is not limited to organisations governed by the FCA. In every industry, there are tangible benefits to improving communications, adapting processes and tailoring support. Alongside reducing the risk of harm and complaint handling, actions increase customer loyalty and business reputation.

To learn more and discover resources to help your firm make a difference, visit helenpettifer.com. To keep updated on their mission, along with vulnerable customer insight and good practice follow Helen Pettifer Training Ltd on LinkedIn.